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Shuffle Cards. Front Back Name three Primary colors? Answer : D Primary colors are colors that cannot be created through the mixing of other colors. What group are orange, violet and green belong to? Answer : C Secondary color are created by mixing an equal amouth of two primary colors. Answer B Red violet is a tertiary color. Answer : D hue You have learned to identify color by name as you see that color.

Yellow skin with red highlight will help the skin become rosy bright. When combined two colors as the same amount, you get the same result. What is the color theory? What is the special word to describe the lightness of the color when you add white to the color? Answer B. Answer C Add White to the color. Tint Add Black to the color. Answer B Add Gray to the color.

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Which set of color below is not a complementary color? Remove Ad. Forgot your password? Speak now.


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Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. To achieve a look of greater intelligence during the renaissance women:.

A popular method of adding color to the face during the victorian age was to:. In Arnold F Willatt developed a method of permanent waving that used waving lotion with no head called a:. The study of how a workplace can best be designed for comfort safety efficiency and productivity is:. One-celled microorganisms with both plant and animal characteristics are:. In the human body, nonpathogenic bavteria help metabolize food, protect against infectious mircroorganisms and:.

A type of pathogenic bacteria that require living matter for growth are:.

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Pus forming bacteria arranged in curved lines that resemble a string of beads are:. Bacteria that are transmitted through the air and rarely show active motility are:. Bacilli and spirilla bacteria are both motile and use slender hairlike extensions known as:. The process wherby bacteria grow, reproduce, and divide into two new cells is:.

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Bacteria that pose little or no risk to a client in the salon setting but are dangerous in the medical setting are:. Common human bacteria transferred through skin to skin contact or by using unclean implements are:. Disease causing bavteria or viruses that are carried through the body in the blood or body fluids are:.

A manufacturer must supply pertinent safety and storage information by providing:. A disinfectant that meets regulatory agency requirements for destroying bacteria, fungi, and virusses is:. Common very safe and useful types of disinfectant that contain sophisicated blends that work to disinfect implements in min are:. To be effective in the disinfection of implements , ethyl alvohol must be no less than:.

The front portion of the epicranius that raises the eyebrows, draws the scalp forward and causes wrinkles across the forehead is the:.