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Who are these three visitors? They do not identify themselves.

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Is one of these three actually God, while the other two are companion angels? With a view toward the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, are they the three persons of the Holy Trinity?

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Or, are all three of the visitors angels acting on behalf of the one God? Is the one God acting by means of these three visitors? Even though Abraham does not know who these three visitors are, they seem to know who he is. They possess special knowledge. Even though Abraham has not introduced his wife Sarah to them, they already know her name. Given how the trend of nostalgia continues to dominate the entertainment world, there's no shortage of reboots , remakes, and long-awaited sequels.

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The trick to making these projects work is providing something new to say, rather than simply repeating past incarnations. Movies like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle succeeded this way, and Elizabeth Banks' Charlie's Angels also has some new takes for the franchise. Most obviously, by creating an origin story and having the three Angels start off as strangers.

And actress Kristen Stewart is particularly happy about this dynamic.

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Charlie's Angels is a property that originated with the TV series. The Townsend Agency was eventually adapted for the big screen in the blockbuster of the same name, and it's sequel. While those movies focused heavily on the already established friendship of the three Angels, the version starts their dynamic from scratch. And it's a choice that both Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks are passionate about. I had the chance to speak with the cast of Charlie's Angels ahead of its release, and you can see my conversation about the Angels' origin story below.

Well, that makes a great deal of sense. While Charlie's Angels is tasked with adapting to the modern world in the wake of the MeToo movement, this process began by making the three Angels strangers, and allowing their friendship and partnership to develop organically on the screen.

Shut Down Strangers & Hot Rod Angels: an anthology inspired by the music of Bruce Springsteen

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