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This much-needed masculine perspective on the Craft discusses divine masculinity found in ancient myths, male energies, and rites of passage.

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Penczak also describes the fundamentals of Wicca, including the rule of three, the Wiccan Rede, spellcraft, rituals, holidays, and Witchcraft ethics. Exploring the Pagan Path offers you the combined wisdom of Pagans who have been around for decades. The authors' background and experience encompass various Pagan traditions including Witchcraft, Druidry, Norse paths, Shamanism, and more. Together, they write for the seeker looking for a mentor along their journey. A teacher who can help them find their path, begin their journey, and provide them with clarity when they've lost their way.

Topics covered include a basic understanding of Paganism, what it means to walk the path, and learning how to make your own personal connections.

This section also gives guidance on figuring out your tradition and beginning your journey. Topics covered include the basics of ritual, tools and objects, personal ritual vs. Topics include finding ritual in the mundane, sharing your spirituality with others, and building community.

Genge By popular request! The ultimate guide to the hit program Charmed, this is both a book of spells and a key to the mysteries of the show.

The Summoning God (Anasazi Mysteries Series #2)

The Book of Shadows celebrates the best of Charmed, from its roots in the ancient tradition of Wicca to insider information on the show's stars. Genge not only provides fascinating background details for the show's Wiccan elements, but also guides readers in performing their own magic. Fans with a witchy bent will learn about the tools of magic and divination and the casting of spells. Recipes and rituals -- from those that beckon love or bless a new business venture to those that bequeath strength or bestow fortune -- are all included.

The Book of Shadows is a sassy celebration of witches, sisterhood, and magic. UK Book of Saxon Witchcraft By Raymond Buckland Buckland offers seekers an introductory text on Saxon witchcraft or Seax-Wicca, which can be practiced alone and presents meticulously researched information on the time-honored tradition of Saxon witchcraft. He writes cogently and informatively about the history, mythology, spiritual practices, and witchcraft of Saxon England. Includes everything the solitary witch needs to practice Seax-Wicca, including: Descriptions of the Saxon deities and the primary beliefs - An introduction to the magical runic Saxon alphabet - A selection of Seax-Wiccan recipes for intoxicants - Instructions for initiation ceremonies, the eight Sabbats, marriage, birth, and death rites - The art and practice of Saxon Galdra or magic and the divination and herbal lore used for protection, love potions, and healing - The Rite of Self-Dedication, which allows individuals to form their own covens and initiate themselves into the Craft.

There are no short-cuts to becoming a Witch. Traditionally, students take a year and a day to prepare for their initiation into the Craft. Based on this age-old custom, Wicca: A Year and a Day is a one-of-a-kind daily guide that introduces Witchcraft over a day cycle. Ideal for solitary students, this intensive study course teaches the core content of Wiccan practice: the tides of time, the wonders of the seasons, the ways of herbs and magic, the mysticism of the Old Ones, and the inner disciplines of seers and sages.

Daily lessons include exercises, Wiccan theology and lore, and discussions relating to circle work, magical correspondences, holidays, deities, tools, healing, and divination. The cornerstone element is an easy-to-follow guidebook called A Witch's Apocraphya of Protection Power. It teaches readers how to cast powerful spells to protect their homes, careers loved ones and finances.

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  3. Alternate History.
  4. A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet.

In addition to the book, the kit includes several key protection tools: a pouch containing an amulet, a talisman, an enchanted scroll and a black candle. Readers will learn all the essentials about omens, trance, destiny and the third eye. They'll also find out about the importance of love and generosity in the Wiccan way. These details include magical days on the calendar and charmed places in the natural world, mysteries understood by witches, methods of astral travel, correct use of the powerful symbol of the pentacle, and ways to employ chants and dances that invoke mystical powers and banish evil.

This operating manual for witches comes boxed with incense sticks, a candle, a black altar cloth, and a magic wand, all of these items intended to help the user perform the rituals and cast the spells presented in the Grymoire. Twenty ancient spells and their ingredients are described. They deal with love, fortune, beauty, health, banishing, binding, talismans, charms, amulets, and much more. A Witch's Box of Magick will empower faithful users, helping them to perform benevolent magic, which is also known as following the White Path.

This beautifully packaged kit prepares its user to explore the world of witchcraft. It also makes a fine gift for a friend who is interested in an introduction to this esoteric art. There are many reasons people seek a solitary path: fear of charlatans, concern about co-workers finding out or being misunderstood by others, or lack of family or social support for Wiccan practice.

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The Solitary Wiccan's Bible uses the metaphor of a solitary pilgrim walking a path and discovering natural and spiritual truths along the way. This pilgrimage is based on the ancient symbology of the Pentagram enclosed in the triple circle. The Solitary Wiccan's Bible leads the pilgrim to cross the circles, moving from the Wilderness through the Home and Astral realms, to achieve the central Spiritual realm. Always down-to-earth and easy to understand, The Solitary Wiccan's Bible clearly lays out the Wiccan paths so any reader can follow.

The Solitary Wiccan's Bible provides background and practice in clear, accessible, and often humorous prose, making the book immediately useful to first-time seekers and long-time practitioners alike. Now he has written his most important work to date--a comprehensive guide to the solitary practice of Wicca through every season of life.

From becoming a Witch to improving your life through magic to mastering spells, rites, traditions, and celebrations, this thoroughly modern handbook includes information on: The advantages and drawbacks of practicing solitary Wicca - Constructing the tools and sacred space needed to create magic every day - Using dreamwork, tarot cards, crystal balls, astrology, and other divinations - Maintaining ethics without the guidance of a coven - Developing the power to heal and to ward off negativity.

Well organized, each chapter contains reminiscences of personal and group experiences, exercises and suggestions for prayer and ritual. Many of her tenets apply not only to those interested in the practice of Wicca but to readers seeking a better understanding of the world around them: "Once we have learned to hear, then we can begin to understand.


And only after we understand do we begin to speak, to intervene. But when you are within a system, part of the whole, that system is also changing you. It is difficult to maintain your own rhythm and not simply become part of what you are trying to change. She engages readers' spirits and minds through her illustrative storytelling, offering ways to communicate more fully with the world and suggesting ways to act.

Some Witches are solitary because of circumstances, but the rest of us are solitary by choice We like our independence and prefer the freedom to do things our own way. This book's spells are all designed to be cast by a single Witch, working alone. Holland suggests alternatives to hard-to-find ingredients as well as directions about where to find specific ingredients crucial to a spell's success.

Also included is an index of spells to make it easy to find the spell you need. The book offers spells for every need, including love, money, wishes, uncrossing, protection, and problem-solving. Drawing upon the long-standing traditional European Witchcraft and occult concepts and tenets, Grimassi constructs a cohesive mythos that supports and unifies the Sabbats and their associated deities.

Also provided are techniques for aligning with the momentum of the past, a powerful current of knowledge and energy available to all Witches. Thorn Coyle A learned and serious guide to Witchcraft for the mature practitioner, by one of the craft's leading teachers. Using tools from the potent and secretive Feri Tradition of Witchcraft, author T. Thorn Coyle issues an invitation to our wild, magical core-the source of change and connection. In changing ourselves, we sow the seeds that also change the world.

In seeking to connect us to our deepest selves, Evolutionary Witchcraft presents tools mastered by few, but in a manner that is accessible to both the seasoned practitioner and the newcomer. One needs only a strong wish for change and a willingness to work.

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Following the ritual of creating sacred space, Evolutionary Witchcraft is designed to be read through once, and then used as a ten-month training program. Its many exercises-involving movement, spells, right intention, and occult ceremony-invite the reader to bring the work into daily interactions, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, alienation into wholeness.

Egyptian divinities, the stars above, Celtic customs, standing stones, the lore and wisdom of ancient Greece, sacred jewels beneath the earth and the drama of medieval festivals are featured in the companion volume to the first Witches All. We proudly present yet another cycle, a collection of articles appearing in The Witches' Almanac during the last decade.

Mystic secrets of the past will always light the path for today's seekers. Arcane art and symbols stir the imagination in a wonderfully -curious way. Witches All serves as an introduction. Witches All Volume Two displays the depth and breadth of a fascinating subject. UK Pop! Continuing the successful, oversize Disinformation anthology format, an all-star cast of Witches and Wiccans cover an amazing array of topics, including: Which Witch Is Witch?

This is a clear, accessible, and useful manual for those who wish to align their Will regularly with nature's processes and elements for healthy living. Subsequent chapters discuss the symptoms of a person in need of psychic protection, then describe methods of diagnosis and physical, emotional and spiritual self-purification. Penczak identifies graphic protection symbols designs, stones, etc.

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The book's real philosophical beauty is in the final chapter that addresses the dilemma of competitive magick. Mysterious but not frightening, the Dark Moon the night before the New Moon is lesser known but equally powerful.

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  • This guidebook reveals the hidden wisdom of the Dark Moon Path. It presents the thirteen Dark Moons of the year by the zodiac sign in which they fall, along with rituals designed to help you experience and learn from their energies. You just have to know where to find it. Are you an experienced Pagan who is still hungry for more knowledge Covens are an option for some, but they can be hard to find. Even when you find one, it may not satisfy your particular quest.

    Other practitioners live in areas where it is not as easy to "come out of the broom closet," so they have little access to groups. Additionally, many people who desire more direct access to their god or goddess choose to practice alone. Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch is the solution for all of these dilemmas. Each Degree is a complete course of study. If you are looking for a path to further spiritual development that you can do in your own time and on your own terms, this is the one book you need.

    A unique blend of witchcraft instruction, Celtic mythology, and urban fantasy, this work goes beyond ordinary witchcraft manuals.