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The polyester fabric casing makes the pad more durable and water resistant—not waterproof. There is a soft polar fleece layer on top for extra comfort and warmth. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Camping gear to make the Great Outdoors slightly more comfortable For people who love nature's creatures and creature comforts.

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Start Your Free Month. More from Popular Science. Popular Science 4 min read Science. In that place were also the mysteries of the Corybantes and those of Hecate and the Zerinthian cave , where they sacrificed dogs. The initiates supposed that these things save [them] from terrors and from storms. The bone-socket of the pursuer to be "be put out of joint" means to "be distorted and dislocated". The way forward becomes an obstacle to him, so that he can no longer turn back.

For Sagra [is] a place in Lokris. Menander in Anatithemene mentions the proverb. They say that the Epizephyrian Lokrians were at war with the neighboring Krotoniates and asked the Lacedaemonians for an alliance.

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The Lokrians, having interpreted the taunt as an omen, turned back their ship and begged the Dioskouroi to sail with them. And after they had won a victory that same day and sent word by messenger to Sparta , it was at first disbelieved; but once it had been found to be true, it was said of things that are perfectly true, but not believed.

So "truer things than those at Sagra " [is said] in reference to what is absolutely true. For it is said the word about the victory came on the same day from Italy to Sparta. Hence the story became a proverb in reference to truthful matters. Men] from the territory of [H]aliartia. Agasikles is said to have bribed the Halimousians and because of this, although a foreigner, was registered in the citizen body.

In the Epigrams: "[o Priapus , enjoying] sea-worn reefs of the coast islet.

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Some people call Piraeus this. It is also an accessible place which once was sea and afterwards became a plain. Hence one must aspirate the first [sc. And some call the coastal plain this. See above, under Alex. Also Alipheireus, name of a river. Also Anthedonian and Hyperian, [named] after Hyperos and Anthedon.

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An oracle [says]: "drink wine on the lees, since you do not live in Anthedon , or sacred Hypera , where you used to drink wine without lees". The Lemnian. He wrote ten plays. But also another [homonym was] a subordinate-general of Alexander. An Athenian , a philosopher and a politician. A pupil first of Sophilos , then of Sokrates , whose lover he was too, as some say.

Some also record that he was born of slaves. This man served as a general of the Athenians ; and pained because of being expelled from his generalship on account of the mutilation of the Herms he went over to the Persian Tissaphernes and became responsible for a war against the Athenians — [but] he came to be on good terms with them again. When Lysander , with whom he was spending time, was about to capture him, while he was in the country of Phrygia with a mistress he saw a dream of this sort: he seemed, wearing the clothes of his mistress, to burn separately from his head.

The spearmen standing nearby set the tent on fire, and Alkibiades went out and, having been hunted down, was attacked and wounded. They cut off his head and brought it to Pharnabazos. This man, having been victorious at the Olympic games, gave a banquet for the entire festival. Another is the Macedonian , whom Hyperides mentions. And there is another Alkimenes , an Athenian , a comic poet. He was born in the 27th Olympiad, when Ardys , the father of Alyattes , was king of Lydia ; and being an especially passionate man, he was the inventor of love poetry.

His parents were slaves; he wrote six books: lyric poetry and Diving Women. He was the first to introduce singing in meters other than the hexameter.

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He used a Doric dialect, as Spartans [do]. There is also another Alcman , one of the lyric poets, born in Messene. And the plural [is] "Alcmanes". Also "of Aktaionid [ones]", [singular] of an Aktaionid [one]; "you are one of [the] Aktaionid whelps. People differ on their number. Hegesander tells the myth about them in his Memoirs as follows. After the death of their father they threw themselves into the sea from Kanastraion , which is the peak of Pellene , but Amphitrite made them birds, and they were called Alkyones from their father.

Windless days with a calm sea are called Alkyonides. And the demesman [of it is an] Alopekeus.

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Ainos is a city of Thrace , which Greeks first colonized for the Alopekonnesians , and later they introduced additional settlers from Mytilene and Kyme. He was the father of Alyattes , who while a youth was hubristic and without restraint, but very self-controlled and righteous after entering into manhood.

The Bivouac Handbook (A No Nonsense Guide to Austere Wildnerness Camping) (English Edition)

He made war on the Smyrnians and took their city. This man was the father of Croesus. When campaigning in Caria he sent around orders to his sons to lead the army to Sardis ; among their number was Croesus , who was the eldest of his sons, who had been appointed ruler of both Adramytteion and the plain of Thebes. While Alyattes was besieging Priene , he says Homer [writes]: "[the river Alpheios ,] which flows broad through the land of the Pylians. But the river, while not very far from its source, is hidden for ten stades, then surfaces again, and afterwards runs through Megalopolitan [territory], at first shallow but then gradually increasing, and already having crossed all the aforementioned area in full view for ten stades, it comes to Lykoa , at this point already joined by the stream of Lousios , and is altogether impassable and deep.

Reaching open water through the Adriatic Sea, and mixing in no way with the brine, it surges up by the island of Sicily around the spring called Arethusa , as if it were her beloved.

Thus swiftly, as if an Olympic runner, derived from the river flowing by. I think the Theologian is speaking about this [sc. Malchus [writes]: "the entrance into Cilicia was a wagon-road, terribly steep and impossible for an army to enter, if anyone prevented.

He was the first man to conquer Cyprus , subdue it and make it tributary. There is also Amasis [as] a name of a city. A proverbial phrase] in reference to those who are crooked in their ways. Knots, [meaning] ties. In the Epigrams "the bindings of her untouched golden maidenhood Zeus cut through, after slipping into Danae 's bronze-fastened chambers. When the temples were opened, a certain Makedonios and Theodoulos and Tatianos in zeal for Christianity burst in at night and destroyed the statues.

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They endured many hardships and punishments on account of this and were set upon grills and punished by fire. They showed their valour then by saying: " Amachios , if you want to get a taste of roast meat, turn us over on our other sides lest we seem to you half-roasted to the taste.

Xenophon [writes]: " Cyrus made towers on the earth that was thrown up, so that there might be as many watchtowers as possible. In the Epigrams: "never having harvested a Corinthian [harvest], never having tasted bitter poverty.