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By he was already working on Cien a - os de soledad , a story he had conceived of as a child, listening to the stories his grandmother told him, as well as the countless things his grandfather showed him. He says that when his grandmother died, things "got flat". In his imagination the fantastic world of his grandparents, together with the routine of the town in which he lived, melted to form a life where there were no frontiers between the fantastic and the real.

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His grandma told him of the bloody civil wars of Colombia, with names of generals, regional leaders caudillos and presidents. Names and dates got convoluted. The child did not distinguish what was historical and what was fiction. From this world of remembrances, fantasies and unrealities, Cien a - os de soledad emerged, for which he was given the Nobel Prize for Literature in He is known as a writer of strong imagination.

An avid reader, this portent of Latin American letters has talked about the faith he had in life, the love he felt for his country and ancestors, the wisdom which lies in our own personal God, his determination to defend his ideas and principles without compromise, and about what is commonly considered or talked of as "reality". For his countrymen, he was not always an Argentine to the bone.


For his admirers, a universal Argentine. Borges was always fascinated with mirrors and labyrynths.

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His stories are reflections of ideas and facts which are multiplied in the reader's imagination until they acquire the fragility of the dreamlike, becoming confused with reality. Borges was born in a comfortable household. His father was a lawyer, a linguist, and even wrote a novel. The family moved to Europe in order for Borges and his sister to receive their education. Borges has said many times that he learned to read in English before he did in Spanish, due to the availability of English magazines around his home.

It was in English that he read his first novels, including the Quijote. He developed his style studying English as well as American literature. As a young man he formed part of a group known as Ultraists, i. Borges' character could perhaps be summed up with the following adjectives: daring, yet timid; a tireless chatter, nostalgic, ironic, a political reactionary; a sociable, yet private man.

Between and , Borges worked with great intensity. He read and studied the relations of China and India. He also read many philosophers, specially those of idealistic thought and absorbed the ideas of Nietzche. In his stories, Borges experiments with a subjective conception of time and with the idea that history can be considered as an eternal repetition of facts and begins within which limited and scarce possibilities can co-exist.

In , Borges suffered a septicemia or injury to his head, and spent several days in the hospital.

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While resting, he wrote various fantastic stories. He suggested that this incident the injury to the head changed the literary orientation of his work. He then published a series of strange stories and essays, which are not quite adventures or mysteries, but in them intrigue, facts, death, and duels of clues abound. From this point on, Borges became the master of intellectual games, strange plots, and unexpected endings. He resembles a narrator of police stories with a tint of philosophy and theology. In a sentence, "poetic meditation on illusion and reality, on dream and consciousness, were to become obsessive preoccupations.

One of Borges' constant themes is that of a man caught in a trap he has created himself. The fiction can take the form of historical investigation, literary criticism, description of an imaginary planet, a detective story or of an imaginary controversy. The core of these stories is "fortified" by footnotes and quotations which give the reader a probability of the fantastic mixed with descriptions of facts, which seem possible but weird at the same time.

The insinuations and many mysteries linked to contradictions of time and to characters caught in the trap of time and inner processes, perplexes and entertains the reader. It is required that the reader be an active one, looking for clues, willing to embark in a tunnel of his own, to either come out of it in triumph, or "defeated", but stimulated by the exotic universe Borges presents. For many years however, Borges searched for the chief genre that was to make him a renowned author.

At first, he wrote essays which dealt with philosophical matters such as cyclical time theories, religions, the Cabbala, Gnostics, etc. In he published Historia de la eternidad , a group of essays dedicated to time and time philosophies, It wasn't until Ficciones and El Aleph that Borges really found the best vehicle for his ideas: the short story.

I thought that the paradise of the tale was forbidden to me. His themes are varied and touch on such diverse areas as the philosophical, the socio-political, the psychological, and the religious. He is an Argentine who breaks away from the frontiers of his country and transcends his, as well as our own, panorama.

The main orbit of concentration relies on death. Death penetrates the Rulfian world: ambiance, things, people. Un monologo , Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore, Milan, ; pianist , Seta , Rizzoli ; Silk , See Silk for the film adaptation. City original title , Rizzoli Constellations original title , Senza sangue , Rizzoli ; Without Blood , Emmaus , Feltrinelli Theater Totem , a literary and musical happening staged in various locations throughout Italy with varying structure and contents. Mostly it consisted of a two-night theatrical event in which Baricco himself, helped by director Gabriele Vacis, actor Eugenio Allegri and musician Daniele Sepe, would read and comment on bits of literature from all centuries and countries, accompanying them with music.

In Rizzoli published the video of Totem recorded in Milan in Novecento , Feltrinelli ; The Legend of - originally a monologue for theater staged by director Gabriele Vacis, adapted in into a film by Giuseppe Tornatore, La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano , with music composed by Ennio Morricone. Davila Roa , staged only once by director Luca Ronconi.

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Reportedly a huge fiasco, it was never published in written form. Omero, Iliade , Feltrinelli ; An Iliad , Vintage International - a rewriting of Homer's Iliad consisting of 24 chapters, each telling a part of the story through the eyes and words of a prominent character in the poem. The theatrical event from which the book originated was staged only twice due to its logistic difficulties: it spanned over three nights during which the best contemporary Italian actors would impersonate one character each, eight per night.

Cinema Partita Spagnola , Audino Editore screenplay never shot.


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